This advice is provided to promote safety, a positive image of runners, running as an activity and Coastal Striders Running Club.

Safety advice:

  • Please wear a hi-vis top for winter evening club runs and other road based sessions. Dark colours should be avoided. It is preferable that you wear reflective wear and lighting e.g. armbands or shoe lights, if running after dusk. Be seen!
  • You are ultimately responsible for own safety when crossing roads or junctions and must rely on your own judgment as to whether it is safe to cross or not!
  • You should run on pavements where available and safe to do so e.g. overhanging vegetation may prevent this.
  • You should run on the same side of the road as the rest of the group.
  • You should not run with ear/head phones. These impede your ability to hear road traffic and instructions from the run leaders in the group.
  • Please be aware of other pavement and road users and be considerate to their needs, in particular pay attention at junctions and when crossing roads. Be cautious of children, cycles and dogs on leads! Be aware of other hazards including uneven paving, ice, broken glass or wet manhole covers etc.
  • Please let the run leader know if you intend to cut the run short or leave the group.

General advice:

  • Check the route programmes updated on the club’s Facebook page and get to club ten minutes early.
  • If returning from injury, illness or making a graded return, let the run leader know your status.
  • Wear breathable layers (not cotton) to stay warm, consider a waterproof if it likely to rain/snow/hail! Gloves and hat will help keep warm and are easy to remove if you get too warm. Try not to overdress.
  • Make sure you are well hydrated prior to the run, especially in warmer weather. It is recommended that you bring water or another suitable drink for after your run. If preferred, you may choose to carry water with you during the run itself.