Event Reports

18/03/2018 - Canterbury Riverside 10k

Canterbury Riverside 10k - Report by Matt Wakefield

In attendance for Coastal Striders - Janine Deniz, Emma Hinkley and Matt Wakefield.

Weather conditions 0 degrees C and considerably less with the windchill. The course started with a lap of a very boggy field and then onto a cycle path that headed towards Canterbury. There were a number of obstacles on the way including icy wooden bridges, muddy puddles and cattle grids, one of which caused Emma to fall at 1k leading to a human domino effect, luckily she wasn’t injured and was able to go on an record a PB.

On the advice on Tim I tried to put myself in the front four rows at the start, I found myself in with a strong group of runners and got a little excited and went off far quicker than I had planned. I reached 3k and realised I couldn’t keep this pace up for the whole 10k so tried to settle into a more conservative pace.

The head wind was strong and cold for the first 5k and I was relieved to make the turn and get the wind on my back for the last 5k. Shorty after the 5k turn I saw Janine, who looked strong, Emma was long gone.

Reaching the 9k mark I tried to up the pace but didn’t have much left, as I rounded the corner to see the finish I managed to up the pace and finish strong. It was great to see Emma waiting at the finish and after getting my breath back we waited to cheer Janine across the line.

I loved my first race and was really pleased with my 51:11 time. Emma and Janine both got PB’s with 48:54 and 55:47 respectively.


11/03/2018 - Lydd 20 mile and Half marathon

Lydd 20 mile and Half marathon - Report by Gary Marks

Torrential rain on the journey over to Lydd , and the thought of running 20 miles in it made me want to turn back and go home, luckily for me Billy was with me, thankfully the rain stopped but it was so cold we all couldn't stop shivering or maybe it was just me, it felt as though we waited ages for the race to start, i was glad when we did cos listening to rockin all over the world was doing my head in. We all ran together for a while and then found our own pace, unlike last year I didn't fall over, thankfully the crowds started to disperse and the weather improved, my running companion for the whole race was Rick, we got half way round and we both felt ok, by mile 11 though my thighs had had enough but I still continued, mile 14 my calfs went, we were both knackered by mile 15 at mile 17 we saw Ian Dodds fly past us, mile 19.5 we saw Dave Clayton and Jacqui who verbally pushed us to the finish line. Throughout the whole race I saw plenty of sheep no cows and loads of puddles, it was boring mentally tough and challenging would I do it again? No, but I said that last year so you never know, well done to all Coasties half Marathoners and 20 milers, and thankyou once again for the amazing Coasties support

10/03/2018 - S.V.N. Viking 100 mile challenge

Viking 100 - Report by Simon Ballard

So here we go my Viking 100 mile

6:30am - Our chauffeur for the morning Darren Sayer arrived to drive myself and James Patterson to Brooks Farm ready for an 8am start and I have to say at this point kinda just felt like any other race day morning. I think we were probably both more excited/anxious to get started than worrying about the task ahead. On arriving at the farm we unpacked our supplies and kit and set up our camp for the next day or possibly more. Soon all the other runners started to arrive and the barn very quickly turned into a camp site to my surprise we had a pacer arrive first thing Mr Charlie White! (we went a little quick so he ran with Mark foster) race time was approaching we were booked in and numbers attached, we were ready to go. Before i go any further I have to say a massive thank you to Traviss Willcox and Rachel Smith and the team for another fantastical event and for all the support they gave throughout.

James and I set of together for the first lap and quickly adopted the strategy of walking hills and taking full advantage of the aid stations. Due to different stop strategies we separated at the end of lap 1 as i turned and went straight back out. The support from Coastal Striders and other friends was amazing we were already aware that Netty Nutnut Miles would be marshalling from early evening through the night but we had additional support from (hope i don't miss anyone) Kim Galt, Amy Wright, Sophie Wright, Mark Galt, Neil Galt, David J Davidge, Ros Davidge, Rob Gray, Chell Foreman, Debbie Foreman, Julie Sharp, Emma Dickerson, Tim Bray, Ian Dodds, Charlie White, Shirley White and Les Brown. 2 hours into the event our Coast challenge team arrived to set off on their event, Kim Galt, Helen Tremble, Gary Channing, Lorna Munday, Popeye Hut and Darren Ryan.

After a few hours the farm track we had to cross at the beginning and end of each lap had become an absolute nightmare and we were lucky to manage 20 minute mile pace across it but other than that the weather was still holding out for us. Our challenge team were all pretty awesome Kim, Popeye and Lorna all completed 19 miles! pb distance for Lorna Munday, Helen and Gary both rocked out an impressive 31.25 miles Pb for both of them and Darren Ryan finished on 37.5 miles! At this time with the exception of a bit of magic tape for james knee we were both still running strong. Graham Ó Síodhacháin was on course with his camera to snap some memories for us (thanks graham) and Emma Dickerson and Kim Galt arrived to fuel us with chicken nuggets (yum) We also had a surprise visit from Deano Vanbeano Evans and Ryan Carter who had diverted their long run to say hello to us all.

I passed the half way point in around 8hrs 15 minutes and was still feeling very strong. I have to say a massive thank you to All who helped at Jelly Baby especially Sharon Foster and Derek Sackett who checked up on me and gave me advice every single time i passed. 8pm and Darren Sayer arrived to pace for us, he ran his first 2 laps with me (sometimes getting a little carried away with the pace with his fresh legs) then he swapped and paced for James Patterson. 3 laps and a short out and back to go 20.75 miles in total and Nathan Wilson took over the job of pacing for me..... Half way through the first lap with Nathan we had just walked a hill and my head started to really not feel good i was at 85 miles and was soon realising that it was probably going to be a 15 mile Death march to the end. we got to the end of lap 14 and I felt like crap and was on the verge of quitting, could not eat, head was all over the place and legs were all but gone but Kim Galt reminded me that i had said that when i say i'm done man up and get on with it. So with support from Nathan I set back out on lap 15 after a much needed hot chocolate from Sharon Foster I actually started to feel a little better and even started to pick up this pace a little but a couple of miles later was back to feeling like death and literally running on empty regardless got back to camp and just 1 lap and 2 miles to go. Nathan had called ahead with what kit i needed for final lap and Darren Sayer took over the job of making sure i didn't die before the end it was to be the longest hardest 8.25 miles ever but I was now far too close to not finish.

Unfortunately there were no hallucinations as may have been easier if there had been unicorns or flying waffles on the final lap to keep me occupied lol. Well thats about it 20 hours and 38 minutes later I completed 100 miles!

Massive thanks to all of you for your support i may not have had my phone on but i was getting your messages read to me and they really helped a lot. Huge thanks to Kim Galt and the girls who were there for support for god knows how many hours, Darren Sayer and Nathan Wilson could not have got through the last couple of laps without you guys, James paterson my fellow coastie 100 miler when i was feeling crap even though he was finding the end tough too the hugs on passing helped, James Maybourn great to finally meet you and share some of the run with you well done on completing and finally all of the other competitors you guys are all total legends looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Im sure I've probably missed thanking some but still not really slept yet thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it 😉

25/02/2018 - Grand Brighton Half Marathon

Brighton Half Marathon - Report by Deano Evans

2018/02/25 10:30:17
It was a sunny morning but a really fresh start as the Beast from the East started to take hold with temperatures hovering around 2° and a wind chill of -2. It was the morning of the Grand Brighton half marathon and everyone in the Coastal Muff Bus (Deano Evans, Claire Morgan, Lilja Otatsdottir, Michelle Foreman, and Nannette Miles) had an early start apart from me (Deano) who overslept and made everyone late. This meant when the muff bus crew eventually made it to Brighton we had to start the race 10 minutes late and had to start from the back of the field. Bethany Mccrossan, Robert Gray and Sarah Watson had made their own way to Brighton and started the race on time. It was a slow start to the race starting from the back of the field so the first two miles were not that impressive. I settled in on mile 3 and pushed on to the end to finish in a race time of 1:35:26, a new PB but I look back at this now and think if I was prepared right and started at the right time how different this could have been! 

Deano Evans 1:35:26
Robert Gray 1:35:33
Claire Morgan 2:03:30
Nannette Miles 2:08:29
Lilja Otatsdottir 2:11:09
Sarah Watson 2:18:00
Michelle Foreman 2:21:05
Bethany Mccrossan 2:34:20

Well done Coasties on a great day out by all! Its good to see Claire back running again injury free! Congrats Bethany on your 1st Half Marathon! Robert Gray what an epic time! Thanks Muff bus girls for not leaving me behind in the morning! 😆 I have had an awesome day and can't wait for our next Coastal adventure!

Men's Captain Deano.

26/02/2018 - Marathon Day Marathon

Marathon Day Marathon - Report by Tim Bray

Walmer 08:30 race start. Weather conditions -0.5c Heavy Gales and blizzards in parts. Representing Coastal Striders just myself. 

Myself and the rest of the SVN crew set off on what we knew was going to be a tough race due to the heavy gales blowing us sideways and the further we got into the early mileage the conditions just got worse. Arriving at Sandown we was met with freezing icy blizzards which you couldn't escape from and there was a headwind there and back to the start/finish. After a while I settled into the race and started to enjoy my race but did struggle with a negative mindset at the 8th mile simply because fellow runners decided to quit and withdraw from the race and on hearing that it made me question myself. Pushing that aside I cracked on with it and found myself hitting the 17th mile feeling strong in my body but dealing with mind games again and helped a guy out with cramping and then helped another guy doing his 1st Marathon who was struggling with dehydration at the 23rd mile. Heading for home on the last lap was hard work with the head wind but I got the job done.

04/02/2018 - Girlings Solicitors Ashford and District 10k

Girlings Solicitors Ashford and District 10k - Report by Tim Bray

In attendance for Coastal Striders Tim Bray, Bethany McCrossan, Nicky Biddall, Tina Alan Amos, Rebecca Bunn.

Weather conditions -1c Snowing to start with and very wet and muddy underfoot. On the hearing of the claxon I was underway. I managed to ease my way through a little bit however I was still in the thick of the pack in the 300 people mark so I tried not let it discourage my work on trying to make the ground up. Visibility from the sleet was horrid however i just cracked on with it and soon seen myself cutting through the field and settled myself in and started to enjoy my race. At the 4k mark i was met with a slap in the face of a snow storm which was something new to contend with and I just upped the pace and battled my way through it and became warm from pushing myself. All the way through the race it was puddles and mud, puddles and mud. Arriving at the 7k mark I was pleased with my time and general feel of my body with nothing troubling by way of niggles. And then it was the climb up the hill which seemed rather long and a requiring of digging deep was needed but once at the top I knew it was a downhill surge too home and I started to sprint it out and open my gait and I was pleased to pass a few runners.

At the bottom was a nice fast bend and on turning that I heard the encouragement of Stacey and that gave me that incentive for the final push seeing me cross the line in 49:49 Beth McCrossan 1.09.05 Nicky Biddall 1.11.51 Tina Alan Amos 1.11.52 Rebecca Bunn 1.16.21.

21/01/2018 - The Canterbury 10 mile

The Canterbury 10 mile - Report by Darren Sayer

Another rather fresh Sunday morning for the Canterbury 10, but this did not deter our team of 10-strong Coastal Striders. This year saw a field of 1,390 runners taking part in this very popular event. The weather did look like it was going to hold off until we all took our places on the start line, then a few spots of rain were felt followed by a little bit of snow later on! The race was a mixture of road and farmers paths, some of which were quite muddy at times with a few inclines thrown in just for fun. Lee Field was our first male home with a time of 1:09:36, Emma Hinkley was our first female home with a time of 1:35:43 and there were some great efforts by our other Coasties gaining some new PB’s along the way despite the conditions. A huge well done to everyone that took part and thanks to all the marshals involved (they all looked rather soggy & cold as we all passed)!

14/01/2018 - S.V.N. Chocathon

S.V.N. Chocathon - Report by Tim Bray

171 Starters

Representing Coastal Striders are Tim Bray, Victoria Waldie, Kate Barwell and Netty Miles.

Sunny but cold conditions and slippy under foot from Saturday’s downpour and Cakeathon’s traffic which happened on Saturday (poor them).

The track layout was a revised route which everybody was happy with and wants Traviss Willcox to keep; each loop was 3.28miles 4x loops for a half marathon distance and 8x loops for a full marathon distance.

Everyone started well and were happy; the aid station was full to the brim of delicious Chocolate and other yummy snacks.

Myself and the ladies Victoria & Kate started off together chatting away as you do, then I left the ladies to it and started to gain speed.

Netty started late into the run as she was helping marshal and clip peoples tags.

I didn’t see the ladies much after this but managed to run with other people and encourage each other on. When I did happen to see the ladies I gave them a big smile and a thumbs up.

The 3 ladies completed a half marathon each Victoria & Kate coming in at 2.32.18 and Netty coming in at 3.54.04 (don’t forget she started late)

Each lap I completed I didn’t feel the need to stop until after lap 6 at this point I had been running for 3hrs 15mins and was on 20miles, my right leg was killing me but I was pleasantly surprised of my achievements and couldn’t stop yet knowing I only had two more laps to go before completing my 1st marathon, In my mind I was shouting “Don’t Quit” because I’d come so far.

Lap 8 was by far the worst for me as my leg felt very weak but with the support from a gentleman named Jonathan Ryan whom was running for Vegan Runners and who was also fatigued gave me the encouragement I needed for the beginning 2 miles of lap 8, I adjusted my pace and changed my stride then luckily I felt some strength come back to my leg, I knew at this point I was within touching distance of completing the 26.2miles my first ever marathon.

It was such an amazing feeling completing the distance and having the support of my partner Stacey there with me throughout was incredible, I ran straight over to the bell at the end of lap 8 and rang it although I could’ve shouted from the top of the hill lol. Received my goodie bag and my shiny Medal with my badges on.

My marathon time stands at 5.01.27 (easy benchmark for my next marathon which takes place 26.02.18)

02/09/2017 - The Black Hugin Challenge

The Black Hugin Challenge - Report by Simon Ballard

From daylight to dusk to darkness.....

It was a sunny afternoon in early September, September 2nd to be precise and runners from far and wide including 22 of our very own Coastal Striders were making their way to the Pegwell Bay Country park to take part in the 3rd annual Black Hugin Challenge.

All who had come to run had their own motive for the challenge. Some had come for time, some for distance and ultimately some just for the bling.

The event began with the normal witty race briefing from SVN's Traviss Willcox. 5pm had come, the sun was still shining and it was time for us to set off. So here us how the Coasties did.

Lap 1.

First home claiming her bling, our club secretary Emma Dickerson. 3.25m in 43 minutes.

Lap 2.

Second lap saw Stacey Beswick complete 6.5 miles in 1hr 41 to claim her medal.

Lap 3.

3rd lap four runners completing 9.85 miles.

Charlie White 1 hour 37

Debbie Else 2 hours 13

Gaynor Shelvey 2 hours 17 and

Catherine Tremble 2 hours 29 and a new longest run! Well done!

Lap 4.

Half marathon, 4 more Coasties home, first returning from injury, Claire Morgan in 2 hours 30. Second Nathan Wilson completing his second half in 2 hours 44 then Curtis Cleaver And Lorna Munday both competing their first half marathon. Curtis in 2 hours 48 and Lorna in 3 hours 50. Congratulations to you all!

Lap 5.

The sun had gone down, the temperature dropped and the dastardly mozzies had come out to play. We still had 13 runners out on the course. 13 was about to drop to 6 with 7 Coasties calling it a day at 16.4 miles. New distance PB's for Billy, Dave and Tim.

Lap 5 times were:-

Tim Bray 2 hours 47, David Davidge 3 hours 16, Helen Tremble and Michelle Foreman 3 hours 26, Billy Counter 3 hours 31, Gary Marks 3 hours 37 and Netty Miles 3 hours 43. Awesome achievements!

There were no finishers on lap 6 or 7.

Lap 8.


Coastie favourite and post toucher extraordinaire Gary Channing completed his second marathon in 5 hours 40.

Then the 2 huge shocks of the day. Michelle Bevan and Victoria Waldie, neither had run further than 6 miles before but today they both proved that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and completed 26.2 miles and joined the marathon club! Absolutely amazing what an inspiration!

Lap 9.

Simon, Darren and James still out and staying out!

Lap 10.

Last lap for our final 3 Coasties 32.5 miles completed! Simon Ballard and Darren Sayer become ultra runners Finishing in 5 hours 27 mins.

And finally James Patterson in 6 hours 46 minutes.

Finally we'd like to throw some thanks out, firstly to Traviss Willcox and his SVN tram for an add one event and well stocked aid station. And to our support and photography crew.

Total Coastie Laps = 120

Total Coasties Miles =392.5

09/07/2017 - The Les Golding Memorial 10K

The Les Golding Memorial 10K

Well the sun definitely shone for the Coastal Striders in Herne Bay today (July 9th 2017) perhaps too brightly for some as it turned out to be an absolutely scorching hot day. Race day saw a group of 20+ strong Coasties head to the start line. Including 2 of our junior girls, Mercedes and Jess who took part in the U15 1500m race. Both girls did fantastic with Mercedes placing 3rd girl. Well done to you both! At 10am the rest of the runner...s started the 10k, 400 runners in total took part today so competition was fierce. With the sun beating down and little to no breeze coming off the sea this was certainly a test of strength.

Lee Field and Kerry Boyd stormed home to take 1st male and female for the Coastal Striders with times of 41.11 and 55.07 respectively. Cracking times indeed! Simon Ballard placed 2nd male with a time of 43.08, a 27 mile bike ride prior to the race did not seem to hinder his performance. 2nd Female home was Sarah Watson with a great time of 1.04.08 closely followed by Sara Kristensen with a time of 1.04.40 to take 3rd Coastie female past the finish line. 3rd Male destroying the finish line today was Charlie White who put in an epic performance. Racing home in a mere 47.19! I'm sure you'll agree Charlie put our young whippersnappers to shame today. Congratulations to you and to all our runners!; Special mention to Beverley Mason and Melanie Pittman who both took part in their first 10k Race! The first of many we hope.
Considering the heat of the day a few Coasties took full advantage of the cooling sea by taking an after race dip...and why not!
As always we'd like to thank our Herne Bay friends, our supporters and marshals and race organisers for a fantastic event. Did I mention it was hot?!

Another special mention goes to Tim Bray who represented us at the London 10k. Despite the blistering temperatures, he managed to achieve a personal best of 47.32. His race report follows. Much kudos to you Tim.

Tim's report

Amazing warmup, absolutely fantastically organised by Virgin Sport. The race itself was a hard and tough one in parts especially at the 3.2 mile mark (looked at my watch) a few climbs which required digging deep and pushing myself to the best of my ability. The heat was insane and couldn't escape from it I was very grateful of the jet sprays that emitted refreshing mist on to us runners. Crowd support was electric and entertainment along the way helped me. Met a lovely German couple and my bright running colours helped him along the route and the 200m stretch to home Gary Marks deserves a mention because his words in my head from a conversation a few weeks back ie in getting past people really helped me charge to the finish.

 02/07/2017 - Man On The Run

Man On The Run

After a slightly damp start to the morning the sun came out as 11 male runners from Coastal Striders came together at Hampton Pier in Herne Bay. The event was Man on the Run, a charity 5k run along the promenade between Herne Bay and Long Rock. In it’s 13th year, Man on the Run is the male version of Race for Life and aims to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK.

A little after 11am a throng of men and boys started the race. There was a slight cooling headwind and with a completely flat route, conditions were perfect for a good time for our boys. Almost immediately Deano “Van Beano” Evans took the lead and managed to maintain this, bringing home a fantastic win! A blistering time of 18 mins 31 secs meant Deano secured another personal best under his belt. Massive congratulations Deano! Rob Gray was second Coastie passed the line with a time of bang on 20 mins. Following closely behind was Simon Ballard with a time of 20 mins 25 secs. Both of whom came in the top 10 finishers of the race. A few of our runners got Personal Bests today. Well done to all of you and to everyone that took part. It was a lovely morning.

Once more it was nice to see some of our friends from Herne Bay. Thank you to all our supporters that came along and to the event organisers.

25/06/2017 - The Sandwich 10K

The Sandwich 10K

On Sunday 25th June a total of 24 Coastal Striders plus supporters descended upon the historic town of Sandwich to partake in the Sandwich 10K race. It was a cloudy morning, a welcome respite from the heatwave of the last few days. The course that faced our runners was relatively flat thus making it a good day for personal bests. And PB's there were aplenty! Many of the Coasties smashed their 10K time well done to all of you.

Congratulations to our first man Lee Field who stormed home with an impressive time of 40 mins 33 seconds ,First Lady was Kerry Boyd with a very respectable time of 54 mins 32 seconds. Second Male and Female Coasties past the line were Deano “ Van Beano” Evans and Lucy Lungley with times of 40 mins 52 seconds and 59 mins 37 seconds respectively. Third girl to the finish was Ellen Thatcher in her first race since the Brighton Marathon coming in at 1hr 1 min and 37 seconds. Third place for our boys was extremely close between Simon Ballard and Sorin Sazbo, although Simon passed the finish line first, Sorin's chip time of 43 min 16 beat Simon’s by a mere 5 seconds!

As the rest of our Coastal Striders finished the race, we kept up our tradition of running back and supporting the rest of our team. At the end of the race it was nice to see the sun shining and it was also lovely to see a few of our Herne Bay Strider friends. It was a great day for all, fantastic atmosphere, the first of many events to come for Coastal Striders.

Many thanks to Sporting Events UK and all marshals involved for a great day.